About Us

Art Print Hub is a unique "Bijou" printer offering first class fine art printing services. Art Print Hub pride themselves on having the experience and expertise to offer excellent advice, and with first hand knowledge of the range of papers available in the UK, customers’ needs can always be met. 

Art Print Hub have all of the services that a successful publishing artist or photographer may need, but they also cater for the person who has a “one off” printing need. They are always happy to print enlargements or copy old pictures, but also offers artists and photographers the chance to add their work to Art Print Hub's online ordering system such that when a sale is made Art Print Hub will receive the order, make the print and send it to the customer. The artist doesn't have to do any of the work, they will receive the full sale price of their work less the printing and payment card costs. There is no commission.

Art Print Hub is providing the ordering system as a service to the artist so VAT isn't normally charged for the artwork - unless the artist is so successful that they have had to register for VAT.

The business has invested in the very best equipment: They have the latest wide format printers using 12 inks offering fantastic colour reproduction and archival quality measured in excess of 120 years and to ensure the best possible colour match self calibrating Eizo monitors are used together with all of the equipment and expertise in digital colour management. Print files used to create the printed artist work are stored securely and backed up to cloud storage.

One of the areas that is vital to the production of superb prints is the creation of the best possible digital source. Art Print Hub have a photographic studio and specialist cameras, lenses, lighting (including the use of polarised light) to ensure the best possible results.