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The explosive musical energy of the late 70’s is what I was looking to capture here is this mixed media piece. It was a youth revolution that spoke to me powerfully at the time! We felt so detached from the post war austerity era of parents. And we were fucking bored! Music was the most accessible way to express how we felt about it all and it was so great. If your parents hated – you loved it.

As things progressed I was attracted to more of a reggae/ska music vibe and I loved cool style but I loved the inclusivity of it without any sex or race shit. Everyone was welcome. I Tried to capture come of how it made me feel at the time and how great it is to remember what it was like to grow in those times.

The original is an A1 canvas using many different media techniques.  
Prints available in all sizes.

( Original sold to collector )

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